The Beach House

Beach House Cover_7x10

A wind-swept ocean shore, an old cabin where time seems to stand still, and fond memories of family at the beach. A short, true story. 843 words  Non-fiction

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The Wading Pool

Wading Pool cover1

A visit to the old library park sparks summer memories of long ago. A short, short story.  276 words  Fiction

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Jimi Hendrix Pest Control Company

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Things that go bump in the night. The power of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar. What do they have in common? Find out with this short, slightly scary true story. 1229 words  Non-fiction, Humor


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The Stoplight


Early one morning, a driver encounters a seemingly endless stoplight. The light triggers a flood of memories. Will she follow this rule too? 827 words  Fiction

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